Getting Known as a PT

As a personal trainer it's important to advertise yourself as much as possible. Using the power of visual advertising, you can generate further customers through word of mouth and effective self-promotion. Using building signs and other promotional tools such as name cards and posters will help to launch your brand and provides cost effective advertising once in place. This simple guide will give you a few tips to help you generate more customers through effective fitness and PT focused promotional techniques. 

Design Your Business

When you use visual advertising, it's important that you get your branding sorted, as people tend to form opinions in mere fractions of a second; therefore you need to make sure you do things well the first time around. Everything from the type of font you use to the colour of the text can have an impact on the psychology of prospective clients. To help you with this, try to hire a logo designer if you can afford it. Using the same logo on each promotional aid will help you to define your brand and link everything together so it's easier for the potential client to recognise you and your services without any effort.

Building Signs and Indoor Posters

If you want people to notice you before they even enter the gym, then consider getting some building signs and posters. You can place posters in convenient places, like the entrance to popular local cafes and on poster boards in the city centre, so that people will consciously and sub-consciously be made aware of your services. You can also get budget signs made of corflute, which is corrugated plastic that's both cheap and durable. Remember, the more people who are exposed to your services, the more they are likely to consider you if they or someone they know are looking for a personal trainer. 

Business Cards and Flyers

Having your own business cards is another great way to promote yourself. Just like with the posters you can put badges and flyers in popular local spots such as cafes; however, with business cards you can carry them around with you to hand out if the right moment arises. You can also clip them to information packs if you run gym introduction sessions for your local gym. Both flyers and business cards can be made using various grades of paper and card, and so you can dramatically reduce costs if you choose a cheaper paper and you buy in bulk.