What to Ask an Engraving Company When Ordering Medallions or Trophies

Medallions and trophies are great for kids and adults alike; they can celebrate just about any type of achievement, even marking a number of years on the job, perfect attendance at school and a person's long-term sobriety. When you're ready to start shopping for medallions or trophies, note a few questions to ask an engraving company before you decide on a design or engraving type, so you know you get the pieces you want and are happy with the finished product for years to come.

Ask if your logo can or should be included

If you're having items engraved for your staff, you may want to include a logo, but consider that some logos have intricate designs that don't look very crisp and clear when the graphic itself is reduced in size so it can fit a medallion or trophy. The design may also be so large that it overwhelms the wording on the trophy or medallion. In these cases, you may want to forego the logo or consider having an alternative graphic made, such as just the company initials or another symbol that represents the company rather than the entire logo.

Ask about the engraving process

Laser engraving is very popular and used for many materials, including wood, crystal and glass. However, for a more traditional look, you may want diamond engraving. This cuts and etches into the surface of the material to be engraved so it may have a bit of a rougher and less polished look. Diamond engraving may not work on every surface, but for solid metal trophies and medallions, you may prefer this traditional look versus a laser cut.

Ask about the maintenance of each type of material

Don't assume that a trophy, medallion or plaque will never need maintenance; even the most durable of materials may eventually fade, chip, peel or otherwise get damaged. Plastic may peel over time, and certain metals may fade to show a patina or discoloration. Wood trophies and plaques may absorb moisture so they expand and then shrink, causing the surface to split or crack. Maintaining your pieces properly can help to avoid this, but you don't use the same products and tools on all these materials. Wood trophies may need a coating of a sealant, whereas metal trophies may need a powder coating to protect the surface. Plastic trophies may need to be buffed and polished. Always ask about the maintenance of the materials so you can keep them looking their best and help them to last as long as possible.