Signage: The Different Options Retail Businesses Should Consider

The process of choosing signage for your business can be quite overwhelming. With the vast assortment of options available, it is easy to get confused on what to select and end up with signage that would not be beneficial for your needs. Therefore, it is important for retailers to know what options are available to them so they can whittle down their choices based on the different pros and cons the signage provides. So what are some of the types of signage that retail businesses should consider?

Backlit signage

As the name suggests, these types of signs will be illuminated with a backlight to ensure maximum visibility. Additionally, the illumination makes them a great option for retailers who are open all day and night. To maximise on your backlit signage, you should consider using LED lights, as these are much brighter than conventional incandescent lighting. Moreover, the LED lights have a long lifespan, which reduces the frequency of changing the illumination. However, there are a few things to bear in mind if you choose to use backlit signage. For instance, the location of your sign will determine its effectiveness. No matter how bright your signage is, if it cannot stand out from other types of signs in the same vicinity, it will not be able to attract customers. Thus, ensure that you strategically mount it in an area that will make it as conspicuous as possible.

A-frame signage

These types of signs are characterised by being mounted on a frame that is then placed right outside your retail premises. One of the main advantages of these signs is they are very affordable, making them a staple for businesses that rely on foot traffic for a majority of their sales. In addition to this, they are portable so you can always move their placement depending on what you think would be the most practical location for them. Thirdly, A-frames are easily customisable so that you can change the sign on a whim. Nonetheless, A-frames do have a significant drawback, which is these signs are not ideal if you are looking to catch the attention of customers from a long distance away.

Banner signage

The greatest advantage of banners is that they can be used for all occasions. Since this type of sign is not permanent, you can employ the use of banners when your retail business has special promotions, discounts or even if you are simply advertising a new product. The main drawback of banners is that they can be quite inconveniencing to mount and take down on a regular basis.